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How to Recondition Batteries at home : Best Guides In Internet

How to recondition batteries: is it possible?

When it comes to old batteries, many people only think of throwing them away and replacement, however, there is another way you can go around this to bring your old battery back to functionality. Well, it is possible to recondition your old battery to make it fully functional again; In fact they can just work as good as the new ones.

Old BatteriesUnlike many people think, battery reconditioning is quite a simple process even a person with no knowledge can still do it, all you need is some relevant tools and some good time because the process takes some time to be complete, however, after all this, you will have a fully functional battery, it will come back to its initial capacity. In this article you will be able to know how to recondition almost all types of batteries

Having the knowledge on re conditioning your battery is very helpful to you and most importantly to the environment; you will help a lot in preventing pollution of the environment by a bigger percentage, another thing is that you will cut down your expenditure of buying a new battery .

Ez Battery Reconditioning[1]

Battery Reconditioning is not new technology, but people do not know more about this method. People do not like to put old batteries in home, Instead they throw away thinking it as rubbish. But the fact is the thrown battery is polluting the environment. We the people should take care of environment. We should learn the exact method of reconditioning old batteries and educate other people around us too. Batteries contains harmful chemicals that will pollute the surrounding water resources around us.

List Of Batteries can be Reconditioned

batteries which can be reconditioned at home6 V Batteries
Nickel Batteries
24 V Batteries
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Alternative Energy Batteries
Lithium-ion Batteries
C Batteries
N Batteries
9 V Batteries
AAA Batteries
AA Batteries
Alkaline Batteries
Solar System Batteries
Long Life Batteries
Laptop Batteries
Deep Cycle Batteries
Golf Batteries
D Batteries
Car Batteries
Phone Batteries
Wind System Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries
Truck Batteries
Marine Batteries

Yes batteries of any brands like Power-Sonic, Lifeline, CSB, Duracell, Energizer, Voyager, Trojan, DryFit, 60 Series, U.S. Battery, Universal, Optima, Yuasa, Dynasty, Prevailer, Odyssey, Guardian, Fiamm, PowerKing, Absolyte, Sonnenschein, Panasonic, Professional, Exide, American, Motocross, Rolls can be reconditioned easily.
Ez Battery Reconditioning[1]

Reconditioning hybrid battery

These are the batteries commonly used in hybrid cars; this is because of their durability, these batteries can run this car for about 200, 000 miles. Well, if you are using rights battery and it gets damaged, it can be replaced by the manufacturing company; however, this is only possible if the warranty is still valid. The possibilities are that the battery won’t get damaged before its warranty expires because it is quite durable, if this battery gets damaged when you have no warranty at all, you may opt for a new one, however, it is very costly, and reconditioning becomes the cheapest option here and the simplest choice too.

Hybrid batteries can come with more modules or less modules. However, they don’t differ in working, the best thing about this modular system is that when a battery gets damaged, one can just get other modules and replace and the battery will be working just fine again and that is how manufacturing companies do to the damaged ones and sell them again.

This is the very same thing you can do when your hybrid battery gets damaged, instead of throwing them away for new ones which are costly, you can just buy modules and replace the damaged. This is a very cost effective way of managing  your battery because modules will just cost around $700 compared to $3000 for a new one, another thing is that the reconditioned battery will just  stay as long as 6 to 7 years which is quite convenient.

Reconditioning a car battery

Just like many other apart of the car, a battery is equally expensive, however you don’t need to go that far to buy other ones, you can as well recondition them and they will be just close to new ones. In fact they will be only drop their power by 30 percent, but they will be 70 percent powerful of a brand new one which is far much more than a car can needs. Here are the steps involved in reconditioning of the car battery

The requirements are: a syringe, a battery charger, distilled water and a voltmeter

  • The first step is to get out the battery and get off the protective rubbers on the caps, open all the caps on your battery.
  • Poor the distilled water in the battery until it is full and put it back to the charger, don’t try to replace the cap, just recharge it while it is open, charge for around one hour while checking through the holes to see if there are bubbles. If you see no bubbles at all, you can change the charging terminals for around two minutes and observe, the bubbles will then appear, after they have appeared you can now return back the charging cables to their respective terminals for about 30 minutes.
  • Replacing acid is also another method that works, here you can mix both acid and distilled water, once you have replaced, you can put the battery back on charger for some hours, this will give you a very well reconditioned battery which will be in a good condition and will last longer.

Ez Battery Reconditioning[1]

Reconditioning laptop battery

The best thing about reconditioning of laptop battery is that they have very many solutions which you can choose from; however, some can take a very long time before you finish the procedure, however, it is the most convenient compared to buying a new battery due to a higher cost that you will incur when buying a new battery.

The steps involved in the reconditioning of a laptop battery are very simple to follow, anyone can manage them and now what the battery is easily removable, it is even better and easy to work on it, however, there are a few laptops which have non-removable batteries, the steps explained can still help you with that.

The steps explained here can only work better if you are trying them on an old battery, you should not use these steps on a new battery because they may work contrary to your expectations. The best thing about reconditioning an old battery is that you will save lots of money and your laptop will work for a longer time too.

The first solution

There are just a few steps in this first solution, here are the steps;

  • Remove the battery and place it a plastic bag
  • Take the battery in the plastic bag to the freezer and leave it there for at least 12 hours, get it from the plastic bag and male sure that you clean it.
  • Replace the battery back into your laptop and put it on charger until it indicates that it is fully charged before you remove it.

Check if your battery is not leaking in any way, this means the process has been successful, in such case, you battery will be back to normal working and it will take a longer time than you thought, furthermore, this process can be done on the same battery more than once.

The second solution

The second solution involves resetting; this method is however not more of reconditioning, it can be more of recalibrating your laptop, however, it is very simple, here are the steps involved;

  • First you need to charge your battery until it is fully charged, make sure that your laptop has clicks 100%, after it has reached 100 percent, do not remove it on the charger for extra 2 or 3 hours
  • Secondly, remove the laptop from the charger and leave it without using until the battery is flat and your laptop goes off, still don’t touch it for the next five hours or so
  • After that time, put your laptop on the charger again and leave it to charge to full capacity. This procedure can work very well sometimes and other times it may fail, if it fails, you still have very many options to try out.

The third solution

Sometimes what can be the problem is the temperature of your laptop, if you try to step down the temperature of your laptop it may help a lot in keeping your battery intact, so how can you reduce the temperature of your laptop? Well, you will need to find a cooler, you can buy one and install it in your laptop, by doing this, and the temperature will come down making your battery to last for a longer time.

The fourth solution

This solution works the best; however, it needs some good time to make it work. This is like a charging game, first you will have tom put your laptop on charger and wait until it has clicked 100 percent, the next thing you do is to wait until it gets to 5 percent. When it has discharged to that 5 %, you can plug in the charger again. To achieve the best results, you need to repeat the procedure several times; this will help you recondition your battery again.

The fifth solution

This is one of the simplest solutions, however, this one works for laptops which have battery that can be removed, if you are using the laptop with a non-removable battery, this is not a solution for you. First, put your laptop on the charger and let it charge until it is full, you can then remove it from the battery leaving your laptop to work like that with no battery, just like that it makes it better. The reason behind this is that there is always a chemical reaction going through the battery as it charges hence removing the battery abruptly will for a short time stop the reaction and restart it again. This is basically like resetting the battery, if you do this; the battery will come back to normal charging habits.

NiCad Battery reconditioning

Many people think that these kinds of batteries cannot be reconditioned, well; it is possible that they can be reconditioned, however, they are very delicate and they can easily sulfur crystals present in the batteries can move in all directions and once they reach both terminals, the y will hinder the battery from charging. However, here are some of the ways that will help you to recover your damaged battery.

  • To make this battery work again you will have to check out for some materials that will, aid you in the process, these includes;  a flash camera capacitors
  • Connect a switch and a battery to the capacitor you have, make sure that you are connecting to the terminals of the battery, as you do this ,you should be sure that the wires you are using have been insulated to keep yourself safe
  • Put the alkaline battery in  the capacitor and the battery into the cell holder
  • Turn on the switch that you included in the circuit, you will be able to see some glow, but listen well for the sound that will come out, if the sound comes, and then the battery will be good to be used because the sulfur crystals have been destroyed.

This is the whole process involved in reconditioning this kind of battery; you can use the circuit you have created for very many times not just once if your battery gets such a problem again. This method happens to very cheap compared to buying a capacitor for the battery, again, you can use this method for more than once this makes it more convenient.

How To Restore A Car BatteryRecondition of the lead acid battery

These kinds of batteries can be very expensive to purchase, this is why reconditioning is a very important method to use. Another advantage of reconditioning is that it lets you use the battery for a longer time, this is because reconditioning than battery can give it some more years more of watching. Here are the procedures used

  • First thing is to remove the caps on the battery, if it has the rubber on top of the caps, make sure that you are removing it first
  • The second thing is addition of distilled water and put it on the charger, keep charging while the caps are still off make sure that you are not replacing  them, in this procedure, make sure that you are charging the battery for

zc How To Recondition Old Dead Car Battery To Life xbcjhvxchvThere are some things you need to keep in considerations when you are reconditioning the battery, the battery can be very dangerous when dealing with them this is because the batteries the batteries have an acid, when carrying out this method, and you should be wearing some protective gear just in case anything happens. This method can take a very long time but it is the most preferred method because of its effectiveness. Finally, it is good to find a solution to your problem that you trust the most.



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