Can we put bottled Water in a Car Battery ?

We have lots of confusion around that can you put bottled water in a car battery? As we all know Battery is one of the important Component of any vehicles that we are using today. Nowadays car batteries come fully sealed. Those batteries which do not have any upper cap to open then you don’t need to worry for filling water. But older Car Batteries comes with Lead Acid batteries, So you need to check the adequate water level of battery Time by time.


Filling Distilled Water in a car batteryWhat type of water is recommended Tap or distilled water?

Do not use tap water in your battery, as tap water contains minerals and other chemical compounds which can damage your battery after the chemical reaction.  Always Use distilled or deionized water to fill your battery, as it doesn’t contain the mineral content.

Advantages of using Distilled water in your Battery?

Distilled Water is free from calcium, iron and other mineral deposit and the distilled water will be more ideal for contributing life span of battery. we have separate article on reconditioning batteries method . you can learn there step by step method there.

How to fill water in battery 

If you like to make your car to run on the road and function properly then you must know all the important things that are required.  The most important thing is the car battery water that you should always maintain. It is the battery that has the life of your car and for that you must take the proper way to take care of it. You need to check the water level of the battery and topping it. The battery of a car has the mixture of sulfuric acid and water. This battery is electrolyte that allows the ions moves between the negative and positive plates that are in the plates of the batter’s cells during the battery getting charged or it is getting discharged. The acid that your battery in car has is the sulfuric acid and it is very dangerous acid. It is better to have the safety. You need to protect yourself before making any close to the battery of a car. You need to have apron, goggles, and gloves for your protection.

Here are the important feature of taking the proper method of adding water in the battery and when it should be added:

  • If you like to add water in the batter then you must remember that the battery must be completely charged before you add water in it.
  • Before charging the water level has to be checked. You must remember that during the charging time it will be very dangerous to check the water level.
  • You need to check the plates of the cells that musty have enough water.
  • Make sure that the plates must have enough water.
  • After the battery is charged you can add water that can bring the level to the bottom of the vent.

Useful and important tips : water filling in Battery

  1. You need to know very important things that are related to the battery of your car. You must remember that the tap water that you use in the kitchen or garden is not the right choice for filling or adding the water to your battery. Such tap water is not suitable because in that you have minerals and natural content that can provide harm to the battery.
  2. As you know that battery is an electrolyte that consists of water and sulfuric acid. It is fact that the sulfuric acid doesn’t have to be added as it remains full throughout the time. But you need to add water from time to time because during the electrolyte process the water gets lost.
  3. You need to know the right method of checking the water of your car battery. In that case you must check the battery when it is not used for charging. You need to have proper safety for your eyes, body and hands.
  4. There are many batteries that are maintenance free batteries that are not needed any service. But you have batteries that require the maintenance. If your battery is having removable caps then you can open the caps easily and add water at the time it is having low level.

You must remember that the car always have the movement on the road for going to the market, office or coming back to the house are the common daily routine that people have. In such cases there is no need of checking the water level every day.

You can check after a week. But if you have decided for taking the long tour then it is very important that you must check the water level of your battery in a car. The longer the car that you drive there will be the lost water in that.

If you are driving the car in the hot season then you need to be very careful with the loss of water in your battery. You need to have reserve water in your car that can be used time after time during the loss of water. You will need the water to keep your battery safe and healthy.

What will happen if you over fill water the battery?

There are many things about the care that has to properly for the battery of your car. You need to provide the proper level of water to the battery. If you will over water the battery then you might have the damage done to your battery. The over water to the battery can reduce the performance of the battery.

When to water your battery

You need to know the right time for giving water to your battery. There are different types of batteries that are in the market. Many batteries have good quality that needs to have the water maintenance after a month.

There are many batteries that are not having good quality and needs water every day. But you must remember that the battery life depends on the water. The level of water needs to be maintaining for keeping the battery for functioning long time. In the hot weather the water quantity that battery will use will be more than from any other weather.

You need to have great look on the battery during the hot season. Checking the water level in the battery is very simple. You just open the deck of the battery and see the level of the water. It should be checked during the battery is not getting charged. You can provide the water that is required for the battery.

How to check water level in the battery

Here are few things you need top know about checking the water levels in your car:

  • First you have to locate the battery. There e are batteries that are located near the engine compartment and is behind the front bumper of the wheels of the car. The highly expensive cars have the battery that is located in the trunk that is the isolated compartment.
  • Before you check the levels of water you need to clean all the dirt from the top of the battery. It is very important to do so because you need to take care that nothing can enter in your battery cells when you will open them.
  • You can clean the outer part of the battery with the paste of baking soda and water. In order to clean properly then you simply take out the battery from the car and then clean the battery. This is the safest way to have the best type of cleaning of your battery. After the cleaning you can install back the battery at its place.
  • After the cleaning is finished then you are free to open the ports of the battery. It is simple to remove the battery ports by screw driver or plastic putty knife. There are many batteries that have caps that can be removed by twisting the cap.
  • You need to look down into the ports and see the levels. If you are having unequal levels then it is time to bring the level equal.

Safety and leveling of water in the battery

You should always use the distilled water for leveling the water of your battery. The distilled water helps the battery to run long and with best performance. You will fill the water in the levels that are safe. You need to use the clean funnel, turkey baster or sports bottle to have the surety that the water does not get overflow.

You need to prevent any kind of dirt during you are leveling the water in the battery. You must not use the tap water. Such water can harm the battery and can damage very fast. You are not able to have right type of performance from your battery if you will be using tap water. The best water to use for leveling water in the battery is the distilled water.

In case the battery is weak or dead then you must not fill cells fully with water. The water in such case is needed for just covering the plates. You can close the ports after the work is done. If you get the overflow then you must not touch the overflow because it will have acid that can harm your hand or other parts of the skin. You can clean the over flow with towel of any other thick cloth. Now you can close the deck and your work is done.

Protection during Water Filling

Doing all these things you need to have protection for your skin and eyes. The battery has sulfuric acid that is very dangerous acid. You need to wear gloves and goggles and also the apron on your body to get protected during you are going for the leveling up the water level in the battery. After to have provided the service then you need to wash your hands very properly.

You must remember that all these things that you are using are very important and the gloves that you will be using must be disposed and will not be used for the second time

If you will follow the steps that are mentioned above in this article then it is sure that you are going to have the life of your battery that will be long, the performance will be better and you will never have any problem that will be related to your car battery or water level in the battery. You are having many websites that are offering you to learn more about the caring for the battery.



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