Nickel Cadmium Battery reconditioning in home

Nickel-cadmium (Nichd) batteries repair and reconditioning Steps by steps

What is Nickel-cadmium battery?

Nickel-cadmium battery is a rechargeable battery. Nickel-cadmium batteries are made of Cadmium, hydroxide and suspended in a potassium hydroxide solution. Nichd batteries maintain the voltage of 1.2v per cell. At the end of charge completely depleted. This is the big advantage of Nichd batteries, because you can use your devices for a long time. Nichd battery has low internal resistance which does ensure to recharge faster and discharge very quickly as well. This is the big reason to become most popular in the rechargeable battery field.

Dead Nickel-cadmium batteries repair and reconditioning. 

Have you remembered that when were you unable to recharge your mobile phone, laptop and any devices which work on the battery? Have you faced any problems and difficulty about recharging your devices? Nowadays life is very busy and no one has the time to recharge their devices. Nobody would want to be stuck in this type of problems. But have you ever wondered how these batteries work and which battery has been used in your device? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Nichd batteries?

How To Rejuvenate A Dead Nicad BatteryWell, here are the answer to all questions. We will start at the beginning. Nickel-Cadmium is the most popular technology which is used in almost all rechargeable batteries and portable electronic devices. To become the most popular in the world is the reason only, it is cheap in comparison to other batteries. Nich batteries come in different sizes and these are easy to store in where you want. The only one disadvantage of the nichd batteries are, these are plagued by Memory Effect. This is a phenomenon which is associated with rechargeable batteries.

Recharging Aa And Aaa Size Battery In HomeMemory Effect?

This is the only disadvantage of the Nichd battery. The term memory effect we can understand by this. When the Nichd batteries made that time memory phenomenon has been placed in the battery which measures the time of charging in the battery. How much time it will take to charge. When the battery is new it’s work on full efficiency but after getting old it’s lose tend to charge faster and on it’s previous time which had been entered during manufacture to charge faster. Here is one example to get better understand the memory effect. You buy a new phone and you charge up to 100%. You use your phone until its battery got nil. As time goes by to using your phone and it’s become older then you come to know that battery is not working on its full efficiency. After some time when you charge your phone, it shows on display as 100% fully charged but in actual it has 60 to 70%. After becoming older you don’t get the much and same backup which you got the first day after buying a phone. Same happens with all the devices in which NIchd battery installed.

Battery memory does effect because of overcharging. Some people left their phone and laptop on the charging for the whole night and sometimes they charge their devices frequently and as many time they get to charge in a day.

You can overcome this problem with a simple and easy method. Don’t charge your device until your device battery gets complete Nil. And try not to charge your devices for a long period. When your device gets fully charged remove the switch plug.

When you should Nichd battery be repaired?

The memory effect is the only reason the battery discharged immediately. Some Nichd batteries can be repaired and some need to be replaced. If you are not getting the proper backup from the battery and it’s getting discharge frequently so in these cases you need to repair the battery or if you want you can replace as well.

Nicad Battery Recycling In HomeHow can you revive your dead Nichd Batteries?

The biggest advantage of the rechargeable battery is they don’t die easily. overcharging, overexposure to high temperature and memory effect can be the causes of damage to the battery. But you can recondition your battery by the method of stubborn sulfur crystals. You would need DC power supply. Most people use their car’s battery to revive dead Nichd battery but this is not safe and you don’t need to do this. Keep in mind that cadmium is toxic when the battery comes in relation to high electricity the chance of explosion is very high.

Which Is Better Nicd Or Nimh BatteriesThe simple way to repair your Nichd battery is to replace the capacitor. The capacitor should be two to four times more with the voltage of the cell. And then connect the capacitor to the battery with the same polarities. Once you have done this and the pulse charge is passed with the battery Sulphur crystals. Then the cell is ready to be charged again. Regular reconditioning can improve the health of the Nichd batteries.


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