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Start Your Battery Reconditioning Business Today with 3 Simple Steps

Batteries reconditioning is billion $ business, and there are lots of benefits regarding reconditioning old batteries instead of throwing them away. Old or maybe dead batteries are around us, in our garages or somewhere in a dump that irreparably irritates the natural environment. Today, many people should truly learn to recondition batteries to save some money instead of buying expensive new replacement batteries.

The hard truth about your battery is that the world does not run well without them, but very few people know what to do with one when it is no longer charged. Batteries are used in many devices and engines, besides automobiles. They are used in all-terrain, boats, vehicles, campers, aeroplanes, trucks, golf cars, water sports equipment and many other motorized types of equipment.

History tells us that physicist Gaston Plante made the first battery in France. Since then, the battery has penetrated almost every industry that deals with motorized devices and solar energy. Battery remains the preferred choice for many motorized applications in homes and industries.

The lead-acid battery is here and will not disappear soon, so the world must learn to handle exhausted or perhaps flat batteries. Reconditioning your old batteries back to their former state is indeed the best way to go.

One other fact regarding the use of lead-acid batteries is the fact that a large percentage of today’s batteries are discarded prematurely, although they can still be reused several times.

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The average owner of a car or the user of the battery is generally unaware that he could perform a simple repair or recondition of the lead-acid battery and return the battery to life instead of sending it to a landfill to contaminate the ground.

Battery Reconditioning AdvantagesOne of the reasons many throw away old batteries rashly is that it does not charge as efficiently as before when it was new. Others feel so frustrated when they (batteries) die for the first time and feel they cannot take more risks with the old battery. They prefer to run to the dealer to buy a new battery out there.

The span or useful life of a battery is five years, and again, it can be extended to ten years or more. However, an average user generally believes that five years are sufficient, and would prefer to obtain a new one if the old signs of deterioration, for instance, the inability to fully charge well.

Most car owners who throw batteries prematurely do so for a reason, because of a chemical process refer to as sulfation.

What we mean is the gray/white compound that has been been on your battery post after prolonged use. Sulfation affects the ability of the battery to charge properly, giving the impression that the charging process has finished and it’s never going to function anymore, but one could easily recondition the battery to work again.

Guide On How To Start A Battery Reconditioning Business For Easy Profits

The whole world is becoming digital and our dependence on technology is increasing exponentially. The new-age world sits atop electrical and electronics and runs on a battery. While research on developing long-lasting and effective batteries is accelerating, current batteries do not have the potential to stay in the long run. Therefore, one of the growing sectors of the tech industry is battery reconditioning and being aware of the basics of How to start a battery reconditioning business will help establish a stable business.

Electric vehicles are all on the rollout and almost every country has shifted its focus from traditional oil and natural gas run vehicles to EVs. Also, various other devices make use of batteries. By reconditioning the batteries, not only does it prove to be profitable for the customers and the business, but it is also good for the environment as it reduces toxic and non-biodegradable pollution.

What is the business about and how to profit from it?

Before getting on to How to start a battery reconditioning business, it is better to be fully conversant with what is the business about. This type of business involves restoring used up batteries. While batteries are termed reusable, with time they lose their efficiency and, eventually, die out.  

Reconditioning of batteries implies making dead batteries functional. It is not as easy as it sounds but by procuring the right tools and employing skilled workmen, it can easily be achieved. The process involves dissolving of acid crystals formed either due to sulfation or because of corrosion of the positive plates.

What are the steps to start a battery restoring business?

How to start a battery reconditioning business guide will help in understanding the basics of operating any business and also to make easy profits. Except for technicalities involving the reconditioning process, one should also be aware of the economics, mathematics, and commerce in play. Other concepts such as division of work, maintaining good public relations, managing employees, etc should also be known.


Understanding the process of reconditioning and getting the required tools

First and foremost, as the owner of the business, awareness, and knowledge of the whole process is compulsory. Only by knowing about the job will one be able to buy the right tools and machines. Without knowledge of the process, preparations will not be complete and the business will fail. To start a business, there is no need for any college degree or certification and therefore even if a person is totally unaware of how batteries work and how to restore them, they could understand it and then know the How to start a battery reconditioning business. It is strongly advisable to practice the art of reconditioning on a few batteries before starting the official business. With practice, even if a new problem is encountered, you will know what to do to overcome that difficulty.


Developing a step-by-step process to perform the required job and a business plan

After gaining the required knowledge and skills, draw up a business plan. The plan should be elaborate and in detail. It should include the size of the shop, working hours, cost of reconditioning, step-by-step process of restoring the battery, and so forth. Special attention should be given to the process of reconditioning. Each step of the process should be defined in detail with how the work will be divided, time spent on each part of the process, the number of workmen, if required, etc.

With a clear laid-out plan, you will encounter fewer problems in running the business and other aspects such as marketing, legal work, etc. can be focused on. Also, the cost of running the business should be calculated on the basis of which the price of reconditioning will be charged. Keeping in mind the time taken, the expected number of customers and other overheads, the price charged for a single job should be enough to cover all the expenses and also gain some profit, after that single job is completed.

Choosing the right place for the business

It is very important to set-up the working place at a location which is accessible by the customers and the workmen. If the location is good enough, there will be no problem of transportation, availability of raw materials and basic facilities such as water, electricity, etc. The rent or cost of the place should not be too high as it will be included in the overall cost of running the business. If the rent is too high, subsequently, you will have to charge the customers high rates for the job resulting in less traffic.

Complying with the legal requirements

After the knowledge of the subject matter is gained, the required skills have been acquired, office location has been chosen and the business plan has been made it is time to get the company registered. Registration of it is important as a license is needed to run the business. Also, registration gives various advantages to the business.

You will have to give a name to the business, decide the type of liability, whether it will a partnership or not, and so on. All the legal requirements have to be met strictly or a license will not be provided. It is easier to consult a legal firm or a working advocate to easily glide through the legal process.

Getting the required machinery and labor

After the license has been received, you can start by purchasing all the tools and the machinery. The skilled workmen, if required, should be hired and the business should start its operations. If the office has already been leased or bought, the machinery can be placed there directly as it will save the cost of transportation.

Advertising the business increasing customer base

After the operations have commenced, it is necessary to advertise the business. The more people get to know about the business the more there are chances to get more and more customers. It is equally important for old customers to stay and hence the job performed should be up to the mark and the customers should leave satisfied.

Various types of advertisements are possible and an advertising agency could be hired to do the job. Once the business has commenced, no usual problems will be encountered and on how you maintain public relations and how timely you perform the required job will decide your business’s growth rate.

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Reconditioned Car Batteries Benefits

  • Your battery may work well, but there may come a time when you need to find ways to extend your car battery’s life, no matter how well you have taken care of the battery all the time. It makes sense to double or triple the life of a battery instead of buying a new one.
  • One of the outstanding benefits of reconditioned car batteries is the fact that you can save money simply by repairing them. The average battery will cost the sum of $ 85 or $ 100 when it is new; however, the reconditioned battery that provides the same service for a more extended time costs only a fraction of the above price.
  • Many people have discovered the great benefit of saving money while reconditioned car batteries, which is why the battery reconditioned business has experienced a boom out there.
  • Restoring Car batteries have provided a lucrative job market. It is a very profitable business for those who are serious. In reality, the reconditioned car battery is a simple profession that anyone can learn, regardless of your education or work experience.
  • Repairing lead-acid batteries for profit does not require much capital, apart from learning the skills and buying some inexpensive materials, tools and equipment. You can even start the business comfortably from your garage and earn quick money.
  • The most important things you need to repair lead-acid batteries are first a voltmeter, a charger, a hydrometer and a desulphurizer. You will also need an obsolete car battery kit to keep track of the entire process.
  • We all have to contribute to the preservation of our natural environment. If you repair a single battery, it prevents it from being discharged where it contaminates the environment. The restored car batteries are good for the environment.

What is recognized as Lead that is the vital component of batteries is known as a dangerous metal and should not be carelessly littered out there. Restoring your battery plays an essential role in minimizing the amount of lead-metal that pollutes the environment as well as endangers society. The small part you play in supporting the green movement will significantly benefit the community and the world at large.

Conclusion On Reconditioned Car Batteries

If perhaps you are considering the headaches and frustrations that come with a faulty battery, for example, if your car stops in the middle of the road, or maybe you need to wake up your neighbor in the morning to push your vehicle to start. Now you have understood how to recondition your old batteries to bring the battery back to its former strength!

The battery has powered your car for years. Then, when the time comes to do more for you, it is better to recondition the battery. Think about the amount of money you save and the role you play in preserving the environment as you learn how to recondition your car batteries.

Ez Battery Reconditioning[1]

The process is quite simple, and the complete battery repair kit will not cost you much. The benefits, including the profitable business, which can be achieved by helping others reconditioned their batteries far outweigh the costs of the whole procedure.

Reference: https://batteryaz.com/battery-reconditioning-business/


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