How to Start a Battery Reconditioning / Repairing / Recharging Business – with low Investment

Battery rebuilding, repairing and recharging business is one business that has seen in growth in the recent years. People have their car batteries rebuild, repaired and recharged instead of purchasing a new one. This kind of business helps not just car owners but almost all kind of battery operated stuffs to spend less rather than replace their batteries in the event the batteries are still capable of rebuilding, repairing and recharging. This is way to help battery owners save more money rather than spend more.

We are lucky to be living in a time with so many options and opportunities to make money.  Due to technology, we have a abundant array of choices to work from home and earn significant part time or even full time income.  Additional income from home… sounds nice, doesn’t it?  There is one particular opportunity that is easy to do and has a growing need, and that’s the battery reconditioning business.

How To Start Battery Reconditioning Business Easy Steps
Starting Battery Reconditioning Business


Study Battery Rebuilding, Repairing and Recharging

It is only recently that the general public is becoming aware that batteries can be reconditioned.  Battery manufacturers would rather sell us new batteries so they never talk about how long batteries can really last.  Battery reconditioning is becoming popular, as people are more aware of the environment and protecting our planet.  Batteries are increasing in demand, powering everything from wireless devices to cars.  Even solar panels store their energy in batteries.

Just about anyone can benefit from getting their batteries reconditioned.  It is a very cost effective option over buying a new one.  For example, a new car battery is upwards of 90 bucks, while buying a reconditioned car battery will cost around $35 – $40.  That means you can offer your customers an option at less than half the cost when they purchase from you.

Who wouldn’t want that?  Also note that you will be helping the planet by keeping those old batteries out of the landfills.  And what about all those other batteries that can be reconditioned… cars aren’t the only things that use batteries.  Think about all the other devices that use batteries.  You can restore batteries for all of these things, including power tools, computers, smart phones, forklifts, golf carts, and solar arrays… to name just a few.  This business opportunity is huge and very lucrative.

A quick look at the battery business

Like any business, restoring dead or weak batteries requires a bit of effort.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a real business that will pay off big time with a little hard work.  With the right knowledge and resources, anyone can do this business, and do really well with it.

Here at we are passionate about the positive affects of starting battery reconditioning business and what they can do for your wallet also! Lets talk about how to start a battery reconditioning business. I wanted to do this so more batteries are reconditioned and not dumped in landfills.

What is Battery reconditioning business ? How to profit from it ?

Before getting on to How to start a battery reconditioning business, it is better to have fully knowledge with what is the business about. This type of business involves restoring used up batteries. While batteries are termed reusable, with time they lose their efficiency and, eventually, die out. 

Reconditioning of batteries implies making dead batteries functional. It is not as easy as it sounds but by procuring the right tools and employing skilled workmen, it can easily be achieved.

Electric vehicles are almost everywhere and almost every country has shifted its focus from traditional oil and natural gas run vehicles to EVs. Also, various other electronic devices make use of batteries. By reconditioning the batteries, not only does it prove to be profitable for the customers and the business, but it is also good for the environment as it reduces toxic and non-biodegradable pollution.

How to start your battery reconditioning business?

Like getting started in any business, there are a few things you need to do get your battery reconditioning business up and running.  I review the process here.

How To Start Battery Reconditioning Business

Most of your business will be restoring vehicle batteries because they are easy to get, profitable, and have a fast growing pool of customers. I am referring to cars, trucks, and boats, as well as wheel chairs, scooters, and golf carts. There’s also medical equipment and other unique niches depending on where you are located. Your work is to find old batteries, restore them and clean them, then resell them with a limited warranty for a handsome profit.

You can also decide to restore batteries directly for people who have weak or dead batteries. The business provides a wide array of opportunity, and the industry of battery restoration is in its infancy providing an easy point of entry for those who get started now.

Finding old batteries is a process you can learn, and the EZ battery reconditioning course shows you how. After all, most people and businesses don’t want them out and will thank you for taking them away.

Step 1: TrainYourself with Relevant Knowledge and skill

First and foremost, as the owner of the business, awareness, and knowledge of the whole process is compulsory. Only by knowing about the job will one be able to buy the right tools and machines. Without knowledge of the process, preparations will not be complete and the business will fail. To start a business, there is no need for any college degree or certification and therefore even if a person is totally unaware of how batteries work and how to restore them, they could understand it and then know the How to start a battery reconditioning/ repairing / Recharging business.

Therefore, The first step will include getting yourself ready. What I mean by this is learning and practicing battery recondition skills. And doing it safely. You’d really wanted to of mastered reconditioning process of many different batteries before you go into a battery reconditioning business.

I know this is an obvious point but you have to be fully committed. And you’ll learn these skills the right way and safely in a matter of days with the right guide. You can learn everything you’ll ever need from the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course.

Step 2: Choosing the right place for Business

It is very important to set-up the working place at a location which is accessible by the customers and the workmen. If the location is good enough, there will be no problem of transportation, availability of raw materials and basic facilities such as water, electricity, etc.

The rent or cost of the place should not be too high as it will be included in the overall cost of running the business. If the rent is too high, subsequently, you will have to charge the customers high rates for the job resulting in less traffic.

Step 3: Complying with Legal Requirements

After the knowledge of the subject matter is gained, the required skills have been acquired, office location has been chosen and the business plan has been made it is time to get the company registered. Registration of it is important as a license is needed to run the business. Also, registration gives various advantages to the business.

You will have to give a name to the business, decide the type of liability, whether it will a partnership or not, and so on. All the legal requirements have to be met strictly or a license will not be provided. It is easier to consult a legal firm or a working advocate to easily glide through the legal process.

Step 4 : Getting Required machinery Tools and Labor

After the license has been received, you can start by purchasing all the tools and the machinery. The skilled workmen, if required, should be hired and the business should start its operations. If the office has already been leased or bought, the machinery can be placed there directly as it will save the cost of transportation.

Step 5: Advertising the business & Increasing Customer Base

After the operations have commenced, it is necessary to advertise the business. The more people get to know about the business the more there are chances to get more and more customers. It is equally important for old customers to stay and hence the job performed should be up to the mark and the customers should leave satisfied.

Various types of advertisements are possible and an advertising agency could be hired to do the job. Once the business has commenced, no usual problems will be encountered and on how you maintain public relations and how timely you perform the required job will decide your business’s growth rate.

So What’s the Final Suggestion? My Recommendation

If you haven’t already done so by now, go and get the ez battery reconditioning course. You will learn how to recondition batteries the right way (and the only way if you are doing this as a business). You will learn everything you need to start your own battery reconditioning business.

It comes with free lifetime access to an exclusive information vault with articles, guides, and downloads that will turn you into a battery expert. It also comes with lifetime support, so if you ever get stuck or have a question, you always have a battery reconditioning expert at your side.


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