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Best Battery for Car with audio system

Searching for Best Battery for Car with audio system ? Then you come to right place we have in details guide on car battery with audio system. It is obvious that your car will have a battery for it to b able to run . There are different batteries that work differently in the car, some of the functions of the battery in the car are; ignition, every time you get into the car and with just turning your key in the ignition your car will need the energy to ignite the engine, another thing is the lights, if you can turn on the lights even if your engine is off it means there is a different source of energy to power them and that is the battery. The music player is the most loved in the car but it cannot work without a battery and finally the wipers that wipe your windscreen.

Different dsv Types vfd of Laptop battery scaxbhcDifferent Types of Car Batteries

Every time you start your engine you will need a battery to do so. However, as you drive on, the engine of your car will generate power which is then used to charge the battery. There are a variety of batteries that you can use in your car; the difference in these batteries mostly shows how different they are when it comes to working. Here are the different types of car batteries you need to know before going for a replacement.

 Lithium-ion batteries

Li Ion BatteryThis is not quite a common battery in cars yet, but we know them from other devices. They are being used in electric cars mostly. These batteries are known for their high capacity and ability to power a car for a very long distance. They are quite light so they don’t add a significant weight to the car. They can be very good for cars because they are easily rechargeable. The problem with dealing with these types of batteries is that their durability is quite low; they will only last for a period of three years at most.

lead acid batteries

Lead Acid BatteryThey are the most commonly used types in normal cars. Just from the name you will realize that they are wet cells, they normally use battery water in their cells, however it is not regularly added, it can last for a very long time, this makes them easy to maintain. And don’t you worry about the water battery spillage; it cannot happen because the battery is sealed in a way that not even a drop of the liquid can spill out and on the negative part is that you cannot open up the battery to service it, unless you just replace it, the only thing you can open is the small inlets of the water.

This type of battery has two different types of its kind, which are, the Absorption Glass matt and the Gel Cell batteries, they both have different capabilities. In Absorption Glass Matt batteries there is a quick reaction between the electrolyte and the fiberglass surface matt and as a result the battery will produce a higher power, though in very short continuous periods. The Gel Cells on the other had are mainly used for deep-cycle applications. However they cannot be effective when exposed to extreme cold temperature.

Wet cell batteries

Old Wet BatteriesThese kinds of batteries use a combination of three substances which are battery water, lead and sulfuric acid. The power production of theses batteries is much less compared to lead acid batteries and that is why they are cheap to purchase. These ones can be maintained by adding the electrolyte.

Deep cycle batteries

Deep Cycle Battery near me

These are those batteries which are commonly used in recreational small vehicles and also golf vehicles, they really sustain the vehicles for a very long time when you compare them with other batteries like the starting, lighting and ignition batteries. The batteries are very good at keeping the power but they cannot be used in heavy consuming vehicles.

Starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries

Commonly known as the SLIs, they are found in most cars purposefully for starting, for lighting and for ignition purpose only. These batteries cannot be used for any other purposes because thy provide power for a very short time, just like the short time ignition takes.

How to know/ check quality of a car battery before buying

Car Battery Quality checkingIt is very important to check if the battery you want to buy for your car is of good quality not, this is because of the alarming rate of fake batteries in the market. Here are some of the ways you can use to check if your car battery is of high quality.

  • Use your voltmeter– this involves connecting the voltmeter direct to your car battery just before you buy it, make sure that you are attaching on the right terminals and check the reading on the voltmeter, if it reads a value 12.4 to 12.7 you battery is okay.
  • Use an ammeter- there are those which are pre-installed in the car while other cars don’t have, you can use either of them, and it will help you know if the battery is being charged or not, also you will get to know the flow of the battery. Check all the conditions of a battery if they are working just fine.
  • Using a Hydrometer– this is a device that is used to test if the fluid in the battery is either strong or weak. You will get to know if the fluid used is of high quality or low quality. That is the first step of knowing the quality of your battery.
  • Use battery health indicator– this is pre-installed in cars that will help you to determine the health of your battery. To test, first you need to switch on your car ignition and check on the indicator, if the arrow on the indicator shows around the green circle, then your battery is fine, but if it indicates around the red circle, it means your battery has a problem.



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